Exciting times--a retro-post

19 May 2006

So I had this post that I wrote a couple weeks ago and then left it as a draft, forgot to publish it. (I'm sure none of you ever do that).
But when I went to publish it, for some reason it messed up my template. So I'm redoing it here and therefore some info is dated, but I'm sure you can deal with that.

Exciting Times
You ever notice how every once in a while, a few good and exciting things happen all around the same time?

Had a great weekend. My boys choir (ok, boys ensemble, as it's our first year and we only have 9 guys) sang at a Boys Festival sponsored by the Oakville Children's Choir. There were 5 boys choirs in total and that made about 130 boys singing----maybe you have to be a choral person to get this, but it was the most glorious sound. Boy voices are so lovely. They tend to be a little stronger and more focused than girls of the same age and can hit the high notes with ease. It was just so cool. And my guys did awesome. They sang "One" from A Chorus Line and the classic "The Lion Sleeps Tonight". Small in number, but large in spirit, they were. I was so pleased.


And then there's still the moving that's exciting. I haven't started packing yet, but I've been doing alot of decorating in my head and checking out prices for kitchen cupboards (downloaded the 3D Ikea kitchen planner--very cool). We're looking to lay some hardwood floor, replace the central air unit and get some new furniture for the living room, as what we have now will go into the family room. We've been on such a scrimpy budget for so long that the thought of being able to do these things is so exciting! Take our living room furniture: we bought the couch second hand before we got married. It was pretty much brand new and we got a real deal because the poor couple who had just finished paying for it now could not get it up the stairs to their third story apartment. We have two other rocking chairs, both gifts from my parents over the last 10 years and the coffee table is my hope chest from childhood. I love them all.....but it'll be SO nice to go to a store and pick out brand new furniture and coordinate wall colours...can't wait. I've been poring through Debbie Travis books looking for ideas for wall treatments and curtains and such. Again, I love my colours here, but it'll be so fun to find some new styles and try some new faux finishes.


Home Hardware is having a sale on Reverse Osmosis water systems. We spotted them a few weeks ago when we were prepping the house to sell. Ever since an herbalist who analyzed Jairus' blood last summer told us we should drink better water, I've been buying jugs of R/O water from our local health food store. I'm not terribly consistent though because a) even though it's only a few bucks, sometimes we don't have it, and b) can you imagine how difficult it is to get two toddlers, a baby in an infant seat and two 25 pound jugs of water out to my van. Sometimes the guy in the store holds the door, sometimes even offers to carry the water out, but I can't count on it. So, when we saw this system on for 100$ off regular price, we were very interested.I went back on Monday to check and they were still there, but only for the rest of this week. I was real excited and convinced James that we should go for it...until I looked at our budget.Drat.I told my mom, who's also been interested in a R/O system....and her and dad offered to buy it for us and we could pay them back. How great is that!Another reason to look forward to the move--so we can install our new system in our new kitchen!


James has been getting more recording business. This is very good!! It means I won't see him for most of the month, but I can put up with that for now!


My kids are all healthy, thankfully the cold season seems to be past. It's so brutal when they're all so young and close together. I've lost count how many times they were ALL on antibiotics at the same time for pretty much the same thing.

Good things. Everyone needs the encouragement a bit of excitement brings.