So far, so good

18 April 2008

It seems that so far, little one is sticking her nose where it belongs.


I saw the chiropractor again today and she's keeping my bones and muscles in good working order so that the baby won't have any reason to go flipping around again. I'll be 38 weeks this weekend and the end could not come sooner. Today would be nice.

So otherwise, not a whole lot going on. I've got all the baby clothes washed, folded and mostly put away. I seem to be missing a fair bit of newborn size stuff, which perplexes me....I'm pretty sure I didn't loan anything out. But for sure I normally have many little newborn hats, and I can only find one.
The homebirthing 'kit' is stocked and ready....except for the baby hats.
The new cloth diapers are washed and in a neat stack on the baby's dresser/changetable. I need to get a diaper pail though.

Today I'm wearing one of my husbands shirts. I feel very....unattractive in it, but when I pulled on a maternity top, you could see every little crease and cranny....also unattractive. Maternity clothes are so small these days. Really, I mean, not just because I'm about as big as I'll get---I've noticed that the trend in maternity clothes since my first few pregnancies has changed. Why Old Navy thinks that your stomach slowly becoming the size of a beach ball is something we pregnant women want to show off from top to bottom is beyond me.

I mean, I know alot of young women, or even young-to-getting-older women like me (can I still call myself a young woman? I'm 33) have this issue with clothes and they feel they are just not attractive unless much of their clothing is superglued to their bodies. They're the teenagers that never end. Maybe I have an advantage having been a teenager in the 80's (the late 80's, I'll grant you) when loose and baggy was totally the trend. I became comfortable in that.

Now, even my non pregnant clothes have moved beyond that level of balloon style pants, cinched at the ankle (although, have you noticed? Tight ankles are back in now). I'd like to think that I'm somewhere between the two extremes. But I digress. The point is, that these women who don't feel attractive unless we can see every bulge get pregnant, and expect to wear their clothes the same way. So maternity clothing companies respond. But they forget that most of us, especially near the end of a pregnancy value comfort over style any day. I have been so uncomfortable this pregnancy because the style of pants now is to have a large swath of elastic material that goes around the bottom of your belly, or perhaps pulls halfway up, before you're too large. I carry low and out front, always have. There's not a whole lot of room there for the waist band of my pants. And to have even that much more pressure in an already tight spot is tremendously annoying. I used to have a few pairs of stretchy cotton leotard-style pants that pulled right up over my belly. Unfortunately, I loaned them away, never to be seen again. The few pairs of 'old fashioned' above the belly waist band pants I still had only lasted me to about 7 months. I sit today in the one pair that I got from Value Village. I feel rather untrendy in them, as they don't have flared cuffs (alright, I will admit that one fashion weakness). But I'm comfy. And I don't care who sees me in them.

Anyways, enough babbling. I'm ready to go. Going to take the kids to the park in a few minutes, hoping the walk will do me good---good, as in, gets me closer to labour. I'll let you know!!


secondofwett said...

I agree with 100%....let's get this show on the road! Just waitin' for the phone call!!!!!!!

Smurfett said...


I'm a virgo too! Saw your comment on my blog.

Found out the baby was breech on a Tuesday, make appointment for version for Thursday morning, spent all day Tuesday night and Wednesday trying techniques from spinning baby as well as what midwife suggested, water broke Wednesday night, thereby making chance for natural birth nilch. Ended up getting a c-section.

I don't know if what I tried (lots of legs as high up as possible plus the going forward from sofa/futon) caused my water breaking or what. I'm glad you're going to the chiro though.