16 October 2009

Look at that, I even restrained myself from putting many exclamation points after the title.

Yes indeed, Monday at 12:30, James will be interviewing at McMaster. I was going to ask you all to pray for today as well, as he had to break the news to his boss and ask for the time off to go to the interview, but it's all taken care of. His boss was understanding and has agreed to be a reference too. Yay!!
James and I were hoping he might be able to squeeze in his A+ Certification test before an interview, but after more research on it last night, it's not going to be possible. Little bit of a bummer, but hopefully if he can speak intelligently about it and his concrete plans to obtain it, they will see that positively.

Soo, mark your calendar, set your blackberry, put it in your computer with an alarm....pray on Monday for us!!