My son, the athlete

31 May 2010

Last week Jairus went to the Special Olympics that were held at Saltfleet Highschool. I have to admit that I've not had the best impression of athletic events for special needs kids in the past. I've shied away from sports that were adapted for Jairus, preferring that he be involved with regular kids. There comes a point though, that I can recognize that he likely won't be getting on a school soccer team, or winning track and field awards like the rest of the boys. When this Special Olympics opportunity came up, I didn't really think twice. The thought of Jairus being able to do some sports and have fun and be recognized for it was a no-brainer. While never wanting to underestimate his perception of things, I think he really did enjoy it and felt good about 'winning' lots of events. Here's some pics and a little video. The slide show seems to be moving a little quickly so you might want to just click the forward arrows yourself when you want.


secondofwett said...

I too, have struggled over the years abt having Ben involved in Spec Olympics but watching his disappointment over the years when he would try out for a reg team and not get on was heartbreaking. I was glad to see how much he and Megan have enjoyed participating. I'm just sorry I was too exhausted this year to go and see Jairus..hopefully next year!