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06 April 2006

We did it!

(A phrase I can never use again without hearing the Dora song in my head)

Signed all the papers. Listing the house tomorrow. Still cleaning like a madwoman. Well, ok, now I'm blogging, but this'll be short. Past midnight, gotta get to bed.

My house is looking soooo nice, though. I hope...I told my hubby this the other night...I hope the Lord blesses our efforts and gives us a new house where someone worked on it as hard as we have on this one.

Now to keep it looking like this...oh man, this'll be impossible. Blessings on mom and dad, who took our beast--at least I won't have to swiffer 3 times a day. It's true though: cleaning a house with kids around is like shoveling during a snowstorm. (credit to Robin for that one :-)

Here's hoping we sell real soon!!