Those stupid shows...

11 April 2006

That's why I'm such an exhausted wreck. It's those shows, the ones that tell you how to 'stage' your house to sell. What you don't see is the crew that comes in and does it, while the pretty host trips around and...looks pretty. I would not be so fortunate.
It was lookin' pretty fine yesterday though--and good thing because a couple came through and, well, we wowed'em. They want to make an offer, but they'll just have to wait til tomorrow says our agent. Tonight we have two more showings. I just have to figure out where to stash my kids...they don't hide as easily as my basket of unmatched socks.

Going to start looking for our new house for real now--not just browsing about the mls listings. I'll just take this time to sing the praises of our guy in Hamilton--Craig Bush. He helped us buy our first house in Stoney Creek and then sell it to move here. Great guy. Totally recommend him. And our Lady of the Listings here in town is awesome too--call Isabel Marques if you want to move to Brantford!

Hum ho, I think I've really faux pas'd. We kinda kept our move quiet for a while--I guess I just wanted to be sure that this was where the Lord was leading. So then I mentioned it in passing last week to a good friend who I thought I had mentioned it to...and I hadn't. She was surprised and I think a little hurt. She's really been one of my best friends in Gretzkyland here and I feel real bad.

Sorry Launa.